Structural Integration

SI is a bodywork practice (sometimes called Rolfing) that focusses on the body's fascia which is a type of connective tissue that surrounds and provides structure for muscles, bones, nerves and organs.  SI uses slow, deep pressure to areas of restriction to enable the fascia to soften and change form and in so doing restore length and space to the tissue. 'Opening' the fascia in this way enables a more balanced alignment, improvement in function and reduction in pain. SI can also work to free up mental and emotional restrictions to ease the whole body and enable change.

In an SI session I start by assessing your current posture and  movement ability from which I can develop a head-to-toe treatment strategy.

The work is carried out in direct skin-contact where possible and you will be able to participate in the process which helps to re-educate the body and refine your sense of awareness.

In most cases I will provide homework exercises so that you can continue the work outside of the session and integrate movement with daily activities for longer lasting effect.

Physiotherapist massaging male patient with injured foot muscle. Sports injury treatment.

Zoom sessions. If you have a general issue such as spinal, pelvic, shoulder, hip, knee, foot or neck restrictions  I can tailor a session using movement and massage ball release.  I will provide you with a personalised exercise routine for daily practice and progression.

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75 min session

(Concs. available on request)


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times may be available on request
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