Scar Tissue Therapy

After surgery or a trauma that affects the skin, scar tissue usually forms in a dense and fibrous manner. Though this produces a robust scar, it often contains adhesions which can glue skin and the underlying layers of fascia together in a non-functional way. This may reduce flexibility and makes the scar feel lumpy, raised and uncomfortable. Sometimes it can also impinge upon mobility in other areas of the body not just the local tissues.

Scar tissue therapy is a specialised form of fascial work that incorporates a range of specific techniques to ease restrictions, increase hydration and restore mobility. It uses light touch to stimulate circulation and lymph flow to activate the immune and the nervous system to promote further healing.

Freeing up scar tissue can ease tension which makes the scar feel softer and appear less discoloured.  Scars that are years old can respond to treatment and it is suitable for children.

People often remark on how relaxing scar treatment is and how it has a positive emotional benefit that works beyond the restoration of skin function and movement.

All kinds of scars can respond to Scar Tissue Therapy from the very old to the newly healed for example:

  • knee replacement
  • hip replacement
  • skin grafts
  • facial scarring (from surgery or injury)
  • foot surgery
  • abdominal surgery, including appendectomies, gall bladder removals, hysterectomy etc
  • C-section
  • mastectomies (full and partial)
  • spinal surgery including discectomy
  • Achilles and patellar tendon surgery
  • port and tube drain sites
  • cosmetic surgeries (tummy tucks, breast reduction/enlargement)
  • burns or scalds

Most scars respond quickly to treatment and results are achieved in the first session however Keloid scars may take  longer to treat.

The earliest time for treatment is usually around 10 weeks post surgery but may be earlier depending on the site and nature of the trauma. All wounds must be closed and dry (not weeping) before any localised work can begin and clearance from medical teams may be required for oncology scars.

With additional specialised training in scar tissue work with oncology surgery including reconstruction work, I can offer support to help promote optimal recovery. I have also trained in manual lymphatic massage which is a gentle form of massage to encourage the movement of lymph fluid around the body. Lymph is part of the immune system and helps to remove toxins and waste from bodily tissues and relies on movement of the limbs as a pumping mechanism. Restricted limb movement or lymph node removal may make it more difficult for lymph to flow and fluid can build up causing additional swelling. Lymph massage can be incorporated into a treatment session and I can teach you some basic self-care techniques to do at home.

Information on Structural Integration

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