Food is complicated and whilst there are social, emotional and indeed pleasurable aspects to eating - we have to remember that food is 'the stuff of life' and must provide us with the nutrients we need for energy, growth and repair. Without the full complement of essential nutrients our immune systems, detoxification processes, digestion, brain, nervous system, microbiomes etc. cannot keep us functioning in a healthy co-ordinated way. Nutritional deficits stress our bodily systems and reducing function and homeostasis which can then lead to 'dis-ease'.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is a complementary medicine practice that uses natural food, supplements, specific diets and lifestyle planning to help address a range of health issues.
It is based on the philosophy of determining the underlying root cause of an illness, rather than the treatment of symptoms and is informed by evidence from the field of nutrition science. Only when we consider the connectivity of ALL the body's systems and determine not only what is driving symptoms but WHY, can we rectify dis-ease and return to better function.

Nutrigenetics concept that veggies and fruits designed as DNA St

Why is Nutritional Therapy relevant?

Living in a modern environment can be challenging since we may often work long hours, live with unnatural light, are under high amounts of stress, contend with pollution and have easy access to an adundence of calorie-dense but nutrient-poor food. This increases demand on our biological resources with little or no downtime for recuperation and repair. It’s no co-incidence that the more detached we become from natural living and nature, the more our physical and mental health is challenged.

The ingenious mechanisms that ensure our wellbeing need quality sleep, regular exercise and ‘proper’ nutrition. Even as we age our functioning naturally declines but thats ok because our bodies can cope unless they have been over-stretched and become under resourced. And if this the case these issues can become drivers for the development of uncontrolled inflammation and chronic disease.

On the bright side - nature and plants still hold the key for much of our medicine today and simply increasing the amount of natural, nutrient-dense foods in our diets can go a long way to stimulating our innate healing mechanisms and restore health.

Diet and lifestyle have the biggest impact on health outcomes and are both things you have some control of and can change to get you back in to balance.


This is where Nutritional Therapy comes in, by taking a thorough case history with an assessment of your current dietary intake, I can then determine where you need support and develop a personalised nutritional plan.

When a healthy diet isn't enough...

For some people it is necessary to go deeper and understand how our personal genetics are playing out and effecting our physiology and susceptibility to health issues.

NUTRIGENOMICS - Nutrigenomics focusses on the way specific genes respond to nutrition and lifestyle interventions. Whilst much of our genome is the same, some genes vary from person to person which can change the way the genes function. Altered function may have no effect until our bodies become under-resourced or undergo ageing whereupon issues may begin to emerge.

DNA testing for these variations enables you to understand your potential 'vulnerabilities' and be proactive about your health by adapting your environment to support rather than hinder you.

Remember diet and lifestyle are things you can modify and the more precise this is the more effective it can be.

Who can it help?

You may have symptoms relating to:

  • Digestive issues/gut health
  • Weight management/blood sugar problems
  • Low energy & fatigue
  • Stress and mood issues
  • Poor sleep
  • Bone health
  • Skin conditions
  • Aches and pains
  • Hormone imbalances -PMS/menopausal issues.

I also specialise in nutritional therapy for cancer having completed accredited (NTEC) post-qualification training and can help with:

  • pre-habilitation before treatment
  • support during and after treatment

Or you might simply want a nutrition & lifestyle review to help increase general health and wellbeing.

DNA testing offering a number of reports to assess hormone balance, detoxification, methylation, nervous system, metabolism and more.

What is involved?

  • Free 30 minute chat

I offer a free 30 minute chat to understand what your health goals are and so that you can learn more about Nutritional Therapy to see if it will be of benefit.

  • If you decide to go ahead with Nutritional Therapy, I will send a simple medical history questionnaire with a 5 day diet diary for you to complete and return a minimum 48 hours before your initial consultation.

  • Initial consultation 90mins – £120

I take a full case history where we investigate all the body systems to understand the how and the why of your health issues. We will also discuss your current aims and health goals. I will need a list of all medications and supplements you may be taking.

  • I will then devise a suitable personalised plan to help rebalance your nutrient intake and adapt your lifestyle . I will explain any factors that might be a presenting barrier to your health or recovery. Functional laboratory testing may be recommended in certain circumstances to help ascertain your precise health status and develop a more targeted approach. I will get your plan to you within 48 hours and we can discuss it via Zoom or telephone call to make sure it’s acceptable and agree a plan of action.

  • Follow up session 45 mins – £70

To review your progress and make adjustments to your nutrition plan as needed. You may need one or more of these depending on your health situation and they are typically 4-6 weeks apart.

Updated nutrition plans will be sent within 48hours

  • Simple diet review 60 mins – £80

  • To review your current dietary intake or diet model and provide a nutrition report and tips with free 15 min follow up chat to check implementation.

  • LifecodeGx Nutrigenomics DNA reports

    • DNA test kit (saliva sample) £75
    • Reports £120 each (discount with 5 reports)
    • My report review and summary with any supplement recommendations £120

    NB genes tested are only those whose function can be modified by diet and life style interventions. At LifecodeGx genetic data is kept for 6 months and then destroyed and is strictly confidential with no third party involvement.

  • Please note:

    Nutritional Therapy is a complementary practice and does not claim to diagnose, treat or cure any disease including cancer. The information provided by a Nutritional Therapy practitioner is not a substitute for medical advice and in some cases referrals to GPs or medical teams may be advised.

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