Nutritional therapy is available online via Zoom.
Structural Integration bodywork, Scar Tissue therapy and Pilates-Plus classes are in-person in Bath (Bear Flat).  Pilates classes also available via Zoom.

Providing nutritional guidance, bodywork therapy and exercise to promote whole-body health and wellbeing from inside to out.

Nutritional Therapy

A whole-body approach to promoting health by identifying the underlying cause of an illness and addressing it by creating a personalised diet and lifestyle plan designed to stimulate the innate healing properties of the body.

Structural Integration

A holistic bodywork therapy that focusses on manipulating the body’s fascial tissue to address postural issues, increase mobility and balance alignment.
Specialised therapy  to improve scar tissue quality and appearance.

Exercise & movement

Pilates-based exercises offered as group classes and individual lessons to develop core strength, increase flexibility and co-ordination to regain the ability to move and breathe efficiently.
Block 5 starts w/c 15 Apr for 6 weeks. 
Pilates-plus (Bath) £60. Zoom £48. 

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